Free coaching on eating habits

We are about to enter the  `non-stop eating´ month and I can help you to found out why you eat you and what you snack. You might be interested in losing weight as a general attitude towards the whole year, or simply you might not want to lose weight but you want to eat more healthily.
Do you stop eating healthily after a while? This free coaching- seminar is for you.
In this seminar, you will find your motivation behind comfort eating and set a goal for you to achieve. We also look what your body is telling you – what you eat, what you snack is the way your body talks to you…listen to it!!

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Here it is your free ticket to go to my event at The Best You Expo 2017

This is a great event. I went last year and I had so much fun that I decided to be one of the speakers for 2017. I will be giving a seminar about leadership and listening skills on the 4th of March at 2:00 pm.

In the meantime, I can give you some tips on how to improve your listening skills



Come along with this free ticket. Hurry there are only 50 tickets left!

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Read my article on hypnotic writing and timeless writers

I have written an article that you might be interested because it explains the reasons behind for your reading Cervantes and Shakespeare nowadays.


This article suggests the reasons behind some writer’s timeless quality, why their work is endlessly read and re-read, while others fall into oblivion. We come to the conclusion that these writers are hypnotic writers. Hypnotic writing is full of metaphors and this article states the importance of Joyce and Crowley’s research on the three levels of communications in metaphors. Their proposal throws some light on the reasons behind these timeless writers in literature

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