Hypnotic meditations for free, online, every Thursdays

These are challenging times with the coronavirus in our lives, no doubt! and we need to keep calm and positive as much as we can. How can you achieve this? Very simple, I can help you to achieve that by attending my free sessions every Thursday at 7 pm BST. You can download the Zoom application for free. Write the ID and Password and you are ready to go!

ID meeting: 896 434 8248; password: Nerea.

Our emotions and thoughts shape our physical health and by keeping calm and positive we strengthen our Immune System. I know it is hard to think of positive things at this time, but if you are grateful of a flower, a gentle smile from a stranger or shop keeper, and a blue Skye…you are looking after yourself and keeping you save from very high levels of stress.

In the event you cannot attend my sessions, you can do this exercise on YouTube.


Spanish version is available for women